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My Journey
August 30, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

Over the coming weeks I will be writing a series of blog posts about my journey and how far I’ve come. I will discuss the four very important lessons I’ve learned from doing nearly nine years of rehabilitation. And I will talk about the hurdles that I have had to climb and how I managed ...

What Parents Should Know About Concussion
August 23, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

WHAT PARENTS SHOULD KNOW ABOUT CONCUSSION Since the turn of the century, we have learned a lot about sports-related concussion (SRC). As a kid, I loved watching AFL players go in hard at the ball because that meant one thing – they were tough. Each Sunday when I ran out on to the field to ...

The Injured Brain
August 14, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

For the past nine years I have been living with my brain injury. Although I have achieved so much since my near-fatal accident in 2008 and it may appear to some that my brain injury is an all but distant memory, that is far from my reality. It is still a mountain I hike every ...

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