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Let’s Play Golf

Let’s Play Golf

December 13, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

As you know from my blog last week on the golf swing, The Golf Swing, this silly game is a tough gig. We all know the saying, you can’t teach an old dog, new tricks and luckily I’m only 32 years young so I wouldn’t say I’m an old dog just yet. It’s now a case of: You can’t teach a new dog, with an injured brain, old tricks. Well it’s much, much harder indeed. If you’re housing an injured brain, you may be under the perception that this is completely true and acquisition of new skills would be just a figment of your imagination, but I’m here to tell you not to listen to that fixed mindset of yours.

It may be much harder to master a skill and takes many more man hours to do so but if you really want to, with repetition, too right you can do it. Here’s how I’m going about achieving this goal of getting back out on the course to compete with my buddies:

So my goal is to get back to playing a consistent game of golf. This will take time and practice, as well as lots more time and lots more practice.

As you know from my blog on repetition, all I need to do is repeat the same movement many times over and I’ll get better at it… won’t I? Well not exactly, because if we learn to perform a new skill in the wrong matter, we need to unlearn that skill, and then relearn it in the right way. Think of it like sleeping overnight out the front of the Apple store to buy tickets to an ACDC concert. If you’re at the wrong place, you’ll have to find the right place and line up again.

Once you’re in the right line at the right store, you can then practice repetition all the way to the front of the queue. If you don’t get the metaphor here, I simply mean that we need to repeat the skill in the right manner or else we’ll have to unlearn the wrong skill to relearn the right skill. Get it now? No? Ok well that’s the best I can do.

Back to golf.

At this point, it’s best to take on a coach to tell you that you should have employed them right from the start instead of trying to wing it.

Most mornings, after my 6am gym session, I will drive to the local club and hit a bucket or two of balls in the range. I started just concentrating on one aspect of the swing until I could master that part, then I moved onto the next part. If I were to try and think of everything at once I would get overwhelmed and not think of anything at all.

This is still a work in progress as my golf swing is still hit and miss… geez… I’m on fire with my pun game today… but I am only getting better. That’s all I care about. Once I’ve mastered each part, it will then be about linking each action together and fine-tuning it. That’s enough from me; I’m off to the driving range to try my luck at this new golf fad. I read in someone’s blog last week that it’d be easy.

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