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VCAL Literacy program – Crashing Into Potential (Foundation – Senior)

Do your students struggle to read? Scott has a program that will not only get students reading, but will also fully engage them throughout every page. The program is designed to not only encourage students to read but leave them feeling motivated and empowered to make critically important decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

Scott was a 23-year-old electrician when time stood still. He was right in the middle of the ‘danger zone’ age for major head injuries (17-23) when he had a head on collision on his dirt bike. This accident was about to define him. He found himself in a foreign world of breathing and feeding tubes, and at the begging of his greatest triumph. Follow Scott’s journey with your students and learn through his remarkable recovery, what happens when we don’t surrender to our perceived ‘abilities’. When we don’t throw in the towel. WHEN WE DON’T GIVE UP!

The Teachers Recourses will cover:

  • Literacy outcomes 1-8 (All levels)
  • Oracy outcomes 1-4 (All levels)

Add in his presentations to cover:

  • Personal Development Skills (Unit 1 all levels)


This resource is the first 3 chapters of Crashing into Potential along with the Literacy resources.

The sample covers the following outcomes:




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Deluxe Program


  • 1 hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote
  • 2 hour Resilience workshop
  • 2 hour Brain injury workshop
  • Required books
  • Teachers Resources


Extended Program


  • 1 hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote
  • 2 hour Resilience workshop
  • Required books
  • Teachers Resources


Standard Program


  • 1 hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote
  • Required books
  • Teachers Resources




  • 1 hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote

Resilience workshop


  • 1 hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote
  • 2 hour Resilience workshop


Disability Workshop


  • 1-hour Crashing Into Potential Keynote
  • 2-hour Brain Injury workshop


 *Please Note: Presentations are not age specific and can be presented to years 7 - 12

"Just wanted to express my gratitude to you for your inspiring presentation to our VCAL students.

The whole gang (teachers, students and myself alike) got so much out of it. You artfully blended humour and self-deprecation into an engaging and thought provoking session, while providing practical tips and strategies for us all to better navigate through the trials and tribulations of life."

–Dale Gemmell, Skillinvest

"Scott B Harris’ Crashing into Potential book and VCAL Literacy program is an invaluable resource for any new VCAL Literacy teacher or team. It is an extensive program covering all of the 12 Literacy outcomes necessary for students, from Foundation through to Senior.

This is a program that can simply be followed exactly how it is written in the knowledge every outcome will be covered.

Concepts of resilience, determination, self-awareness and growth are highlighted through the Crashing into Potential program. 

As a first year VCAL teacher, this program has been a lifesaver. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance or develop their VCAL programs."

- Belinda Lassig, Gilson College

"Crashing into Potential is one of the most extensive and complete VCAL Literacy programs on the market. Scott is very personable and his story relatable to our students. It is amazing to have a program that has been designed to cover every literacy outcome at the three different VCAL levels. 

The beauty of this program is that it can be picked up and taught as a whole with complete confidence that all learning outcomes will be covered or teachers can pick and choose activities that equally work well to cover individual outcomes as needed.

The key themes of the program; resilience, growth mindset, determination and ‘having a go’ are very relevant to our cohort and will serve them well throughout their lives. 

In addition, the recently available podcasts are great for students who struggle with reading and allows them to interact with the program as well." 

- Jodi Rechsteiner, VCAL teacher GOTAFE Seymour, 2019 VTA Trainer of the Year

"Crashing into Potential has been a fantastic addition to our Integrated VCAL program. Scott’s story is one that resonates with students and has been incredibly well received. Students have really connected with Scott’s conversational writing style, his journey, and the great range of engaging and diverse learning opportunities. 

I love that the tasks require students to reflect on their own lives/choices/behaviors more so than simply recalling elements of the text and regurgitating information. Students make clear connections between Scott, and the choices they have made and continue to make.  

The key themes of Crashing Into Potential are ones we all encounter every day. I have loved the conversations that this program has stimulated and the real world learning that has stemmed from the text. It will be a key component of our program for years to come."

- Liam O'Neill, Templestowe College


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