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Selling Books With an Injured Brain

Selling Books With an Injured Brain

June 13, 2018   -   Scott B Harris

Ok, so the gun went off and it was game on. Stiff shit if you’re not ready, Scott, we just can’t sit around waiting for you. In this game, procrastination is one strike, two strikes, three strikes and whoops, you missed the boat… Just like that silly boat that took off without me from Athens, Greece in 2013 on the way to the Cyclades island of Ios forcing me to take a 15-hour detour! If you have read my book, you will know what I’m talking about (Crashing Into Potential: Living with my injured brain, available @ www.scottbharris.com.au/book… Just saying)!

As soon as my book was written, the orders came flooding in. At this point,  my injured brain and I didn’t know how to juggle it. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Just post the book to the person that bought it.” On paper, this looks bloody easy, but in theory, this confused the bejeebers outta me!

Now, this will sound straight forward I know it, but I’ll try and explain to you how these first few weeks felt to me (keep in mine my noggin isn’t as sharp as yours… just saying).

First off, I needed an envelope from the Post Office and here they had many to choose from. You know I don’t like choices so this was the first hurdle I had to navigate. I picked one and bought 10 of the little bad boys, then took them home so I could start packaging up the goods.

Do I want tracking? Let’s make it easy, NO.

I then needed to file away the receipt into a filing place where files go, commonly know as a filing cabinet. This was to keep track of all the purchases and sales for tax purposes. I later found it more beneficial to take a photo of the receipt and file it away in my Google Drive, so thanks Google for making my life easier.

At home, I then needed to grab the postal address of the book buyer person that bought my book, off of my PayPal account and copy and paste this into a template I had made up in Microsoft Word. This was so that I could print out a sticker of the address instead of writing them all out on by one. I thought it would look more professional, no?

Once this was done, all I had to do was post it. First, before I forgot, I needed to fill out all the sales in my tax database so once again, thank you Google for your Google Sheets product that I now can’t live without. Quick, before we forget, let’s put the sales record in there.

I made a rule so that I knew which parcels had been sent and which had not, that until I had physically said goodbye to the book, I had to leave the email marked as unread. This meant that each purchase through PayPal that was not read wasn’t sent yet. This is good in theory but where it becomes tricky is when the person sends the book back because they asked for it signed and I did not, or when a book goes missing in action. One book went missing in action so I sent another one that went missing in action before we worked out that she put a 134 instead of a 137 in the address. Now I had three books flying around Australia not having a home beside the return address. Luckily though, all books made it to their rightful purchaser’s.

Following the paperwork, it was time to send it. Back to the Post Office I went. Post. Goodbye. All done.

*Ding*, “You’ve got mail.”

Another book sale so off to home to do it all again. This was ok for the first few, but hundreds later and it get’s sticky. At one point I had books flying around left, right and center, and I found it very hard to be on point with my silly little brain.

The way in which it got better was to find a routine and not to stray from that routine. We all know how much a regular, healthy, non-injured brain craves routine, well I must say that my hungry little lump of rubbery meat in my skull does anything it can to get its grubby little mitts on it. When I say my brain loves routine, what I actually mean is it LOVES routine! This is one of the key components that keeps my brain ticking over in a semi-articulate fashion. Now there are a few protocols in place to make sure I’m on track.

Have you ever experienced this sort of chaos before?

As they say in French, au revoir mate!

FYI: Crashing Into Potential: Living with my injured brain available @ www.scottbharris.com.au/book

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