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“ I found Scott’s presentation inspiring, uplifting and his use of humor was both unexpected (given the gravity of the situation) and very clever. His professionalism and the warmth with which he communicated with the audience were excellent. I loved the way he shared his story and my experience was of being touched, moved and inspired. Scott you have a very powerful message and one that makes a difference ”

- Maree McCabe

Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer's Australia


The Injured Brain - Resilience Workshop

After working on my mindset for over nine years following a life-threatening bike accident that left me with an injured brain, I have discovered what it takes to climb over the walls of life.


This workshop is designed to help students climb over the walls in their own lives. I share with the group the strategies I have been using since I started rehab all those years ago. I learnt these strategies from the professionals – my therapists – and when they spoke, I listened. The running thread through my recovery has been goal setting, and in this workshop, the students will come to realise how important goals are to helping them to take on a challenge, and to take on life.


In this workshop, students will learn:


  • The power of a positive state of mind
  • Why setting and achieving goals are life’s essential ingredients
  • How to achieve your goals and go beyond your capabilities

The Injured Brain - Concussion

The problem we have in society today is that there is very limited information that we know about the big ‘C’ word, CONCUSSION. What we do know is that if the right care is not taken following a hit to the head, the recovery can be prolonged for weeks, months and sometimes even years. Sports Related Concussion (SRC) is the leading cause of concussion worldwide. The fact is that a concussion is a form of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of a blow to the head and must be treated right. Scott is living proof that the right treatment after a TBI can go a very long way. After Scott woke from a coma, he was taken to the experts, Epworth Rehabilitation, where he spent three years learning how to recover properly. This workshop is great for ANYONE that wants to recover safely after yourself or your child’s a concussion – Parents, teachers, coachers and sporting clubs


In this workshop, you will learn


  • What are the symptoms of concussion to look out for
  • What some of these symptoms feel like
  • The world standard ‘Return to Play’ protocol

The Injured Brain - How to Live With Brain Damage

Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury is one of the hardest challenges one may face. Scott knows how difficult it is as he has been living with one since his accident in 2008. He knows how hard it is personally and he also understands how hard it is for others who live with him. When he had his accident, his family knew nothing about brain injuries and the impact it would have on their lives. Scott’s mission is to bring more awareness to what a brain injury is and how best to help people who are living with a TBI. This workshop is great for ANYONE involved with life after a TBI – carers, health professionals, students and families.


In this workshop, you will learn


  • What it feels like to live with a TBI
  • What are the consequences of a TBI
  • How you can best help people with a TBI

Keynote Speaking

The Injured Brain

Scott started his journey in 2008 and has been doing rehab ever since. For over eight years, Scott has been to learning how to be resilient. From the moment he woke up from his coma, Scott had to make a choice. He had to decide which road to walk down and the road he has been walking, ever since, has taught him the true meaning of resilience. To overcome adversity, Scott had to have the right mindset and persistence to achieve his goals. The lessons that Scott has learnt about life cannot be read in a book, they can only be learnt through experience. He is the only person that can tell you what his been through and how he’s done it and he knows that its up to him to pass on this information.


In this session, you will learn


  • What happens when we make the wrong choices in life and how to deal with it
  • The right mindset needed to be resilient in the face of adversity
  • How to achieve set and achieve the right goals in order to make this happen

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