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Write It Down
October 11, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

“Write it down, quick before you forget, quick, do it now, quick… too late, sorry I’ve forgotten what you said. Can you say it again?” This is a very common scenario of my everyday life. This situation is fine when you’re in conversation with someone – who doesn’t live with the burden of a painfully ...

Lesson #4 – Persistently Persistent
October 04, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

To achieve our goals, we need to employ persistence into our attitude.   The main goal I’ve had all the way along this journey is to get better. Through my ups and downs this has never wavered. Getting better isn’t like getting over a cold because I know that I’ll never get back to 100%. ...

Lesson #3 – Kicking goals
September 20, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

This lesson is about the importance of goal setting. I’d like you to think of life as a road trip and think of the goals that you set as a road map. Whenever you get lost or are unsure of where you are on your road trip, or even when you want to change direction, ...

Lesson #2 – Having The Right Mindset is Vital!
September 13, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

An important lesson I have learned from my journey – a journey I hope you’ll never have to take – is about mindset. Making the right choices in life comes down to having the right mindset. With an injured brain, this was extremely hard to understand at first, but at the same time it was ...

Lesson #1 – The Choices We Make
September 06, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

The choices we make in life can either make us or break us. I have made two significant choices in my life that have broken me and made me into the person that I am today. In the afternoon on 15 November in 2008, a group of us were riding our motorbikes at a mate’s ...

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