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The Bill Is Right There You Funny Guy

The Bill Is Right There You Funny Guy

December 27, 2017   -   Scott B Harris

This week, I’m talking about a problem that I come up against on a regular basis. Not as often these days, but it still pokes its ugly head up and shouts, “I’m still here”. First of all I’ll tell you what is happening and then I’ll tell you some steps I have taken to minimize the impact of it.

I’m talking about those bills that sit there on the bench, minding their own business until it’s too late. All of a sudden, a month has passed and that bill that was due is now overdue, incurring a nice fat, hefty, penalty that could have quite easily been avoided.

Now this isn’t necessarily, just bills, that can go unnoticed. There are many other things in our lives that just slip through to the keeper. I am forever saying to myself, “Oh, I have to get that done” or “I can’t forget about this” but before long, it’s put on the back burner and forgotten about. I’ve blogged about this before and it all comes down to having systems I have in place that make sure the back burner doesn’t literally burn the house down.

So why do I always say I’ll do something… sorry… I must do something and I may never get around to doing it? I believe it’s the importance I put on the task and what it to me. I’ll give you an example. Ok, let’s say that I was told by someone that a cheque of money was sitting in at the bank, ready for me to collect. Ok, let’s imagine that we’re in the 1950’s because who uses cheque these days, I mean really? It’s called a bank transfer. Get with it, Scott! But just for argument’s sake, I have some money somewhere waiting for me. I’m almost certain I wouldn’t be saying, “I should really go collect that free money this month” but something more like, “That money is important to me and I love free money so I’ll be back in a little while after I’ve gone to the bank”. This is because of the importance and meaning I put on it.

For some reason, I just don’t feel that it’s as important to give money rather than take it. I wonder why?

Ok, so I need to put things like the bills into the important bucket, and realistically, there’s where they all go these days as I’ve learnt to master the craft of getting shit done. I know that in the past, before I put this basket in place, many, many things wouldn’t get done because I simply didn’t put as much importance on them.

When I put a paper bill down on the counter, for some reason it becomes invisible after about a week. I can literally walk past it day and night for weeks on end and completely forget about it.

A friend let me in on a little secret the other day, which keeps him on top of his shit I must do list. He said that if something comes up that requires little time (I can’t remember the time, but let’s say 5-minutes) and no real effort, then he will deal with it right away. This way it will never make it on the shit I need to do right-bloody-now list. This is so simple and it would work so well for an injured brain because once things are done, we can cross them off the list and intentionally forget about them. I guess where we may run into trouble is our estimation of time consumption of that particular task. Good in theory, but most things that I think will take 5-minutes take a lot longer.

What I do, for bills now, is that I have opt to send them all to my email, and I only open that email when I’m ready to pay it. There is nothing that makes me more annoyingly anxious than a bloody unopened message, and worse, an unopened email. Since I hate seeing unopened mail in my inbox, this puts it up higher on the importance chart.

I guess this all has to do with my memory right? Well in that case, you should have just read my blog on m7emory… ha, jokes on you, you funny guy.

2 thoughts on “The Bill Is Right There You Funny Guy”

  1. Nice read! I’m thinking about some of these issues now because my memory is starting to fail. I’ve always had a really good memory and it’s still above average but I can extrapolate the trend. So, I’m trying to find and design strategies now that I think might work even when memory gets much worse. And, of course, I’m far from the only one in this situation.

  2. I have my bills emailed to me then when they arrive I set them yp n the bank account ready to be paid on the due date. This way, out of my mind and so never again have late payment fees

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