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The human brain is the most powerful thing in the world. When it gets injured, as mine did in a motorbike accident in 2008, you have to find new ways to live and strategies to deal with all the side effects that come with a Traumatic Brain Injury. This invisible illness challenges me every single moment of every single day. But I never let it stop me from achieving my goals. Through my workshops and talks I show others what life is like with a TBI.


Hey there, welcome, my name is Scott.

Let me tell you my story. Well, in 2008 I was involved in a motorbike accident in Victoria, Australia, that left me with lasting injuries including a Traumatic Brain Injury. This was due to a severe Closed Head Injury, which resulted in extensive facial fractures, requiring a facial reconstruction. To reconstruct my face, they bolted 11 titanium plates to my skull. My TBI was so severe that I sustained extremely severe Frontal Lobe Damage and shearing of the brain. This has left me with paralysis from my shoulder to my toes down the right hand side of my body, causing major instability issues. On top of that, I have a Brachial Plexus injury to my right arm involving three severed nerves. Luckily I have two arms and two legs, because that would suck if I didn’t, right? Unfortunately I don’t have two brains. Instead, I’m blessed with a damaged one, and I make it work really hard.


First-hand insight into life with a Traumatic Brain Injury


For medical, OT, speech pathology, physiotherapy, nursing students – the list goes on. Scott B Harris has designed the brain injury workshop to give students insights into what life with a TBI is really like. He shares his own story, explains the strategies he uses to deal with the side effects of his injury and offers a series of exercises that lets the group understand a little about what someone living with a TBI experiences every day. Scott is uniquely placed to help students step into someone else’s world to see what is frustrating, what is useful and how to work effectively with people with a brain injury.


Caring for a loved one or a patient with a TBI can be challenging, confronting, and even bewildering. Through his workshops, Scott helps carers to understand what someone with a TBI might be experiencing. He also highlights some of the interactions with his family and friends that he found most helpful, sharing anecdotes from his own experience.

Medical Professionals

Sometime in their career and perhaps every day, therapists and other medical professionals will interact with patients who have a severe TBI. Scott’s workshops can help medical professionals to understand just what someone with a TBI might be going through. He will also share the elements of his rehab that helped and motivated him and explain why they were useful. Scott talks thoughtfully and with clarity about what life is like with a TBI as that has been his life since 2008.



The Injured Brain

August 14, 2017Scott B Harris
The Injured Brain

For the past nine years I have been living with my brain injury. Although I have achieved so much since my near-fatal accident in 2008 and it may appear to some that my brain injury is an all but distant ...

Initiating, Planning and Organising Shit

February 14, 2018Scott B Harris
Initiating, Planning and Organising Shit

I used to look at myself and say, ‘Scott, you’re a lazy sack of dogs turd, just do it already… stop being lazy.’ It actually turns out that there’s a little science to this laziness and it’s actually a problem ...

Cooking An Injure… WITH An Injured Brain

February 07, 2018Scott B Harris
Cooking An Injure… WITH An Injured Brain

Ok I’m not going to talk about how I cook an injured brain because I’m not really into cannibalism all that much, so I’m going to talk about how I cook WITH an injured brain instead. Cooking is one of ...

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