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Riverine Herald

March 2019

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The Project

April 2018

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Herald Sun

April 2018

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ABC Radio Melbourne

May 2018

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Surf Coast Times

Feb 2018

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The Age

August 2011

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Smiling in the slums

Using Optimism to Overcome Adversity

Overcoming adversity is a universal challenge we all need to know how to fight – and understand – if we want to thrive in our time here.

7 Powerful Techniques to Reframe Negative Thoughts at School

7 Powerful Techniques to Reframe Negative Thoughts at School

In our modern society, navigating school life can, sometimes, be overwhelming and stressful. Academic pressure is the number one cause of burnout, and negative thoughts may creep into our minds,...

multi discrplinary2

The Benefits of a Multi-Disciplinary Program

Here at CRASHING INTO POTENTIAL (CIP), we believe that being resilient and overcoming adversity isn’t as simple as a Wellbeing class once a week, but in fact, is a complex...