Neurodiversity Workshop | Scott B Harris

Living with a neurological condition every day is one of the most challenging things that one can face but working WITH someone who has a neurological condition is sometimes harder.

In this workshop, we dive into the importance of equipping ourselves with the knowledge to facilitate students’ journeys towards achievement. Recognising the diverse neurological conditions within our classrooms, we explore strategies to create inclusive learning environments where every student can thrive.

Through interactive discussions, exercises, and practical insights, participants will gain a deeper understanding of neurodiversity and its impact on learning. From ADHD to autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, and beyond, we address common neurodiverse profiles and provide practical tools for effective support. By embracing neurodiversity and working with each student’s unique strengths, we empower ourselves to create environments that promote growth, resilience, and success for all learners.

Join us in this workshop as we learn more about what your students may be struggling with and discover strategies you can implement to help your school become more inclusive.

Audience will gain:

  • A better understanding of neurodiversity
  • How to implement inclusive teaching strategies
  • How to identify students' strengths
  • Effective support tools
  • Enhanced empathy


Primary School Teachers

Secondary School Teachers

Special School Teachers



2 hours

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