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For a long time Scott has been learning how to overcoming adversity. 

From the moment he woke up from a coma, Scott had to make a choice – he had to decide which road to walk down after his life was changed forever. The choices he has made have defined his life and carved a new path for him to follow.

To overcome adversity, Scott had to have the right mindset and perseverance to achieve his goals. Since then, Scott has dedicated himself to inspiring others, to help them overcome adversity and achieve their goals in life.




In this session, students will learn

  • Scott’s story
  • How he took responsibility for the choices he made
  • How he developed a growth mindset to overcome adversity
  • How setting goals has changed his life
  • How to learn through perseverance



"From Scott's speech, it has really made me appreciate what I have in my life and to look at things in a more positive way, as there are some people in the world who are suffering from many things. He has also encouraged me to go out of my comfort zone and that I am capable of achieving my dreams."

– Kyah, Year 10

"Scotts talk taught me some valuable life lessons; to be grateful for what I have, to always look on the bright side of life and to never give up."

– Jenny, Year 10



In this session, teachers will learn:

  • Scott’s story
  • The power of practicing gratitude
  • How to practice gratitude with your students
  • What happens in the brain when we persevere through challenges
  • How to help your students set and achieve goals


In this session, parents will learn:

  • Scott’s story
  • How to help your child set goals for success
  • Why it's important to practice gratitude at home
  • How to practice gratitude as a family
  • How to teach your child to persevere through their next challenge






In this session, you will learn

  • Scott’s story
  • How to take responsibility for the choices we make
  • How to develop a growth mindset
  • How to set goals with your team for success
  • How to bring gratitude into your workplace
  • The power of gratitude on wellbeing

I admire Scott’s authenticity and his courage to share his story. The lessons he shared with us today have a direct connection to where we are as a team and as a business, and the importance of having that growth mindset. His presentation has had a profound impact on me personally and the team today as well. He really took us on a journey and stripped himself bare in terms of where he’s come from what he’s learned along the way. What a brilliant presentation.

- Tony Rossi | ANZ | 
State Head of Small Business Banking


I found Scott’s presentation inspiring, uplifting and his use of humour was both unexpected (given the gravity of the situation) and very clever. His professionalism and the warmth with which he communicated with the audience were excellent. I loved the way he shared his story and my experience was of being touched, moved and inspired. Scott you have a very powerful message and one that makes a difference

- Maree McCabe, Chief Executive Officer,
Alzheimer's Australia

Scott Harris has come back from the dead. His story is both compelling and inspiring. 

- John Silvester, Crime Writer, The Age,
Co-author of Underbelly

Mesmerizing from the start to the end, Scott is a storyteller of the highest order. His journey is raw and inspiring refusing to shy away from the topics that can upset people, I would highly recommend Scott to speak at any event you are having

- Ayden Shaw, Sport and Recreation Manager
Disability Sport & Recreation

Scott’s keynote was presented very well. I found it very motivational, and Scott’s message to keep having a go no matter what resonated well with the entire room. A good measurement of a successful presentation is the number of questions the audience feels they can ask, and the strong engagement in question time really showed us that.

- Mark Taylor, Chief Executive Officer
ACE Radio

Thank you so much. I won't ever forget today and will always remember you. You are a wonderfully talented presenter. Well done and keep up the great work. All the best to you and your family.  I feel privileged enough to have met you and appreciated you opening up to us. I'll continue to follow you on social media.

- Catherine Singh


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