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Scott offers a range of workshops that will equip you with the skills needed to be resilient and overcome adversity.

You will learn the power of gratitude, how to deal with concussion or what it feels like to live with a Traumatic Brain Injury.

scott b harris workshop resilience


After working on his mindset for many years following a life-threatening accident, Scott has discovered what it takes to climb over the walls of life.

This workshop is designed to help participants climb over the walls in their own lives. He shares with the group, the strategies to set and achieve goals, that he has used since he started rehab all those years ago.

Scott learnt from the professionals – his therapists – and when they spoke, he listened. The running thread through his recovery has been goal setting and in this workshop, participants will come to realise how important goals are to helping take on challenges and take on life.

In this workshop, students will learn:

  • How to build their own roadmap (Goal Setting)
  • How to plan their weeks for success
  • How to practice gratitude on a daily basis
  • How to stay motivated
  • The power of mindfulness and meditation




scott b harris workshop resilience





scott b harris workshop concussion


The problem we have in society today is that there is very limited information that we know about the big ‘C’ word, CONCUSSION.

What we do know is that if the right care is not taken following a hit to the head, the recovery can be prolonged for weeks, months and sometimes even years. Sports-Related Concussion (SRC) is the leading cause of concussion worldwide.

The fact is that a concussion is a form of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) as a result of a blow to the head and must be treated right. Scott is living proof that the right treatment after a TBI can go a very long way. After Scott woke from a coma, he was taken to the experts, Epworth Rehabilitation, where he spent three years learning how to recover properly. This workshop is great for anyone wanting to recover safely after a concussion – including parents, teachers, coaches and sporting clubs.

In this workshop, you will learn

  • What are the symptoms of a concussion to look out for
  • What some of these symptoms feel like
  • The world standard ‘Return to Play’ protocol

scott b harris workshop brain injury


Living with a Traumatic Brain Injury is one of the hardest challenges one may face.

Scott knows how difficult it is as he has been living with one since 2008. He understands how hard it is personally and for others who live with him.

Scott’s mission is to bring more awareness to what a brain injury is and how best to help people who are living with a one.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • What it feels like to live with a brain injury
  • What are the consequences of a brain injury
  • How you can best help people with a brain injury



scott b harris workshop brain injury



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"I admire Scott’s authenticity and his courage to share his story.

His presentation has had a profound impact on me personally and everyone in the the team today as well. He really took us on a journey and stripped himself bare in terms of where he’s come from what he’s learned along the way. What a brilliant presentation."

– Tony Rossi,


"What an inspiring presentation. Scott’s story is one of courage, commitment and perseverance.

A wonderfully positive and real story of a person’s struggles and successes. Scott has presented to students and staff at Eltham College over the last few years and without question has had the audience spellbound with his journey through tragedy, self-discovery and dealing with whatever life throws at you."

– Mark Pobjoy,
Director, Senior Years, ELTHAM College


"I found Scott’s presentation inspiring, uplifting and his use of humor was both unexpected (given the gravity of the situation) and very clever. His professionalism and the warmth with which he communicated with the audience were excellent. I loved the way he shared his story and my experience was of being touched, moved and inspired. Scott you have a very powerful message and one that makes a difference."

– Maree McCabe,
Chief Executive Officer, Alzheimer’s Australia


"Scott Harris has come back from the dead. His story is both compelling and inspiring."

– John Silvester,
Crime Writer, The Age & Co-author of Underbelly


"Scott is an amazing young man with such an uplifting and inspiring spirit. From where he has come from to where he is now is motivation for anyone to achieve great things in life.

His honest and touching story really resonates with everyone from all ages and walks of life. Scott is a great motivator for anyone to who is stuck in a rut and cannot achieve their goals. Inspirational."

– Michelle Sandford,
Technical Account Manager. Microsoft


"Scott B Harris is a remarkable keynote speaker who has the ability to capture and inspire audiences from all walks of life.

Scott’s raw intelligence, aptitude for success, determination and resilience transpires into a moving recount of triumph over adversity."

– Tammy Boyer,
Department of Education and Training Victoria


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This is what a book should look like after it’s been well read! Pages bent, water logged and bunny ear! Thanks for the photo @kasia__xox. We are taking this book into schools around Victoria so that students can learn some huge life lessons from the safety of the class room. Thank you @kasia__xox and Gabrielle Panozzo for helping me out with this, and out of kindness of your heart too! I’m going to try my hardest to pay you back in any way I can! Forever grateful! • Speaking is what I do and goals are my bread and butter. I motivate students to aspire for something big through goals! With a fresh start to the new year, we’ve got a new look! A redevelopment of my brand - Scott B Harris - check out the outstanding job that’s been done on my website thanks to The Refinery in Melbourne. Check it out @ www dot ScottBHarris dot com dot au and let me know what you think? This has definitely given me motivation to achieve my New Years Goal. My New Years Goal in 2020 is to KICK ASS!! To kick ass in everything I do!! This doesn’t mean winning or being the most successful or being the best, but to simply doing my best at everything I do. Putting in 110% effort in EVERYTHING! • Speaking is what I do and goals are my bread and butter. I motivate students to aspire for something big through goals! We’re wishing everyone a safe and merry Christmas! Today is a day to spend with family and or friends! Hold them close :) (p.s. you have permission from me to stuff your face with as much Christmas food as you want!!!) It’s Christmas and the tree finally went up! Most of the presents are bought and wrapped thanks to @jasminelabrie so all we have to do now is enjoy the season! Merry Christmas everyone and I hope everyone has a great summer! I just spoke to a great bunch of year 9 students @aquinascollege, about achieving great things in life! We would be blown away if we knew, deep down, what we were truely capable of. Nothing great was never achieved in someone’s comfort zone! • Speaking is what I do and goals are my bread and butter. I motivate students to aspire for something big through goals! In the middle of nowhere, 20k’s from nothing, down into the valley and over the bridge, we found this special little gem. From the heart of Montana, I present to you... GREAT FALLS!!! Really... there’s not much to say about this place beside our car broke down and the people thought our Australian accents were funny... y’all. If you’re ever in that neck of the woods be sure to drop in and be laughed at by the locals. • Traveling the world solo with a traumatic brain injury was pretty damn hard but I found comfort behind the lens to hide my social anxiety! Yes, thanks right, I was hiding. But hey I took some pretty cool pictures along the way right? The camera became my little safe house and spat these out in return.