In this podcast today we’re talking about personal development. PD instantly turns some people off and the thought of advancing yourself both personally and professionally makes some people physically ill. I mean SICK. I mean hugging to dunny kinda sick. No, not really, I may have just gone a bit overboard then, but none the less, some people just ain’t that into it. Who’d blame them… they haven’t heard this podcast yet! 

Haha, in all seriousness, I share with you four reasons why personal development is a multi-billion $/year industry and why, if you’re not excited about it, you may need to rethink how you are playing the game of life. Who doesn’t want to develop themselves personally when there’s so many benefits? The four I am sharing today are: 

1.    Reason number 1 is all about self-awareness. To become more self-aware, we need to know more about ourselves and this can be learnt through PD.

2.    Reason number 2 is all about self-confidence. When we know more about ourselves on a deeply personal level, it’s so surprising how much more confident we become.

3.    Reason number 3 is all about motivation. When we can see the finish line of the race that we’re running, it’s surprising how much motivation we gain to finish it. PD can be used to see that finish line more clearly.

4.    Reason number 4 is all about career prospects. If we can show a dedication to advancing ourselves personally, our employability just went through the roof. Every employer loves a motivated and confident person who is totally self-aware. 

Dip your toes in a give it a crack, what do you have to lose?