In this episode, we’re talking about gratitude and why you need to be grateful for everything you have in your life. Sometimes we get bogged down and it’s difficult to pull out anything good in a situation, but everything effect in this world has an adverse effect, kind of like Newton law: Whatever goes up my come down. Simply put, every bad situation in this world has a good side to it, we might not be able to see it just yet. Dig deep because it’s there and when you find it, the gratitude that you feel has so many great benefits. 

I’ll use my situation as an example; after everything that has been thrown at me since my accident, am still grateful for everything that has happened to me and where I’m at in life right now. Why? Because I know how much worse off I could have been if things hadn’t played out as they did in my recovery. From the registration of my motorbike to the cover of TAC. From the rehab where I spent years to the support I’ve had from everyone around me. 

I am just so lucky. Period! 

Practicing gratitude every day has so many benefits. Check out the video below.