This week we’re talking about the things I’ve learned about building my self-esteem. After my accident, I’ve had to try and re-engineer self-esteem-engine. As you could maybe imagine, going from a strong, healthy, fit guy to an injured person with an injured brain in the blink of an eye, really took the wind out of my sails. This resulted in an overhaul of what it meant to be me. 

After learning how to rewire this part of my brain, I’ve learned a thing or two about getting that confidence back up to speed.

Tip #1:

Love yourself. There’s a big difference between being arrogant and up yourself vs. being confidently self-compassionate. Being confidently self-compassionate is about letting yourself know that it’s ok to not be 100% on point and on your game, 100% of the time. Give yourself a break sometimes.

Tip #2:

Focus on what you can change and accept all that you can’t. We spend too much time with the spotlight on the wrong areas of our lives. When something goes wrong, we need to let go of it and start focusing on what we can change. This is where mindfulness comes in very, very, very handy.

Tip #3:

Stop comparing yourself to others. Social media is a breeding ground for self-esteem warfare! If your self-esteem isn’t very high, stop using social media to see what others are up to and if you don’t use it (and your confidence is not where it should be), DON’T START!

Tip #4:

Hone your craft. The best way to build your self-esteem is to get good at something. When we are good at something, we spend less time focusing on what we’re not good at and more time focusing our energy on what we ARE good at. The more energy we spend in the GREEN ZONE, the higher our self-esteem will climb.


Have a watch of Niko Everett’s TEDx talk on building your self-esteem. It’s brilliant.