In this episode I am sharing with you some of first the things that normally get sacrificed when we’re trying to make it to the top. Unfortunately, in life, making it to the top sometimes comes at a cost and it’s up to us to decide what it is that we are willing to put to the sidelines to make it up there.

#1 – The first thing that can be cut is our sleep. This is a bit misleading, I know, but I am not talking about getting less sleep. I’m just talking about honing in on our bedtime and getting up earlier. If you were to go to bed and get up 2 hours earlier each day, you will get an extra 520 hours a year to achieve your goals. This is because, and let’s face it, you probably are not doing anything super productive at 11pm are you?

#2 – The second thing that may get introduced to the chopping block is our relationships. If you are away from your family a lot because of the journey that you’re on, make it your mission to make, when you are at home, to be present. It’s sometimes hard to switch off when our lives get so hectic, but this is one thing that is very important to be mindful of.

#3 – The next thing to watch out for is our health. We need to be conscious that this is something that can fall by the wayside quite easily when we buried in whatever it is that we’re trying to accomplish. 4 things I mention in this podcast that we should be mindful of to keep our health on point are:

  1. Exercise
  2. Sleep
  3. Health
  4. Free Time

#4 – The last thing we talk about in this week’s episode, that may have to be cut out, is those sports and those hobbies that we do for fun. When we’re trying to make it to the top, I think it’s fine to sacrifice a bit of short-term enjoyment for some long-term fun. 

Ultimately, the choice is all yours. Sometimes it can just take a little bit of planning to get to where we want to be.