EP.25 - Chapter 12 - SURPRISE

In EP.25 we learn what happens when things don’t go right… we call mum. Mum was my safety net that I so desperately needed to break away from, but when things start to heat up, so do I. This little side trip from Canada to Hawaii didn’t get off to a great start but as you’ll learn, I made it in the end.

In this chapter, my relationship with my father came to a boiling point. It was hard to see his son do what he was doing and not be worried, after all, it was only a few years prior that he was, literally, wiping his 23-year-old sons’ ass with a handful of shit tickets. 

Every event that happens in our lives forms the building blocks for our future and makes us who we as. Some people find change a hard concept to grasp and when you’re tackling your own demons inside your own head, it’s hard to get past that. The good news is that in this chapter, I make it and come out the other side having learnt from it.

My photography game was beginning to rise.