EP.3 - Chapter 3 - MOVING INTO REHAB

In episode 3, my family was finally able to let their hair down a bit and relax… just a little bit. I often think about this time and imagine the feeling they must have felt every day that they received some good news. Each meeting, each phone call and each conversation that was had between my family and the doctors must have been filled to the brim with anxiety, but to see me begin to wake up would have been exciting. 

I imagine it would have been the same feeling that you get as a kid when Santa if coming. The feeling of excitement would immense! 

When I got shipped off the rehab, I spent the first month in a room that became my comfort zone. I was in PTA (Post Traumatic Amnesia) for about 40 days and the following video is a video of me in that time. After my brain injury, I found it quite difficult to restrain myself when laughing. As you will see in this video, when my sister laughs, I laugh even more and it’s hard to stop. This video was that was made for family up in Queensland to watch: