EP.6 - Chapter 6 - BACK AT REHAB

In this chapter I get selected to participate in a study done by Assoc. Prof. Gavin Williams, at Melbourne University on the gate pattern of people following an Acquired Brain Injury. My physiotherapist, Genevieve, was there to accompany me to make sure I didn’t go ass up. Here’s a video of me strutting my stuff:

Gav and I at my book launch at Epworth Hospital, Richmond, Vic, Australia


We also meet Rochelle in this chapter too. She ran Running Group. Rochelle was my longest-running therapist (no pun intended). We spent hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks, year after year working on my goal to get back to running. She did an amazing job. She even got me back on a bike as you can see here:

Damo and I building my deck


There were other major players in my recovery also, including my longest-running physiotherapist Tiana. T was with me for my entire outpatient journey for 2 and a half years. Also Genevieve. How could we forget Gen? Gen was the one who got me back up on my feet!  

Another person we meet is my mate Damo. Our friendship has formed out of a commonality. The commonality we have so our brain injuries. Check out a few pictures below of the deck we built together.


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