EP.7 - Chapter 7 - Surgery

Modern medicine has saved my life. I literally owe my life to the magic of today’s medical magicians. The surgeons that have worked on my body have done an incredible job in making the cogs all turn together. Well… the cogs don’t exactly turn ‘together’, but they do at least turn and that’s thanks to these guys. They’ve also made those cogs look ok at the same time. By reconstructing my face, one would say they actually did me a favor haha! All jokes aside, I am really grateful for the years these people spend at school gaining the skills to do such things.


In this chapter, you get to meet my reconstructive surgeon, Scott Ferris. I have known Scott for over 11 years now and he has so far performed 6 operations on my arm. With 3 severed nerves in my right arm, I lost a lot of functions. Following the operations, I can now do some of life’s simplest tasks. Learning to tie your shoelaces at the age of 25 is another hard pill to swallow! All of the things that I’ve relearnt as an adult, help me live a ‘normal… ish’ life. 


In my last operation, Scott made a video for me. Follow this video to watch Scott trigger a nerve in my arm. This is pretty cool.

This chapter also introduces you to Mel. I have known Mel for just as long as Scott and she is more than my therapist, I would call her my friend… she has been through a lot with me, through the ups and downs. Through all of my achievements and all of my failures, Mel has been there to lend me advice and some laughs… all while making my arm work again. These days I don’t work with Mel one on one, but I know that she is always just a phone call away.


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