After 3 long grueling years, I left the place that served me so well. These were the guys that helped me grow from a drunken toddler to a reasonably polite adult. Those years at Epworth were the hardest thing I have ever been through, but to walk out those doors, never look back and fly all on my own, using my very own tools they gave me, was a crazy good feeling. I would compare it to the feeling of finishing high school. For years and years ate school, most people's lives follow the same weekly routine and when it's all done and dusted, everything is new again. Starting the next chapter in life. That's all life is really, a series of chapters until we finish the book. Well, this was one of my chapters. A rather short one in the whole scheme of things, and when I look back, the time flew by really. But while I was living it, minute to minute, hour to hour, day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year... it felt like an eternity. 

Here's a couple of videos of me running on an oval near my house, in physiotherapy with Sean.

Here are a couple of videos of me doing my physio session on the local oval.