EP.9 - Chapter 9 - DEPRESSION

In this week’s episode, I cover my time in depression. Throughout this time, I found peace in an unpeaceful situation by getting to know myself on a deeper level. This brought on a change of mindset and inevitably a changed view of my world and my capabilities. 

One major contributing factor in overcoming this was the purpose I developed. Giving myself a reason to get up each and every day and strive for my goal. 

Here's a video at the end of my first trip to the .snow

Mental illness is one of the worst invisible illnesses that one can go through. Don’t EVER feel inadequate if you feel you need some help battling your demons. I got help and I urge you to too. There is an infinite amount of help out there that will always help you if you ask. I guess asking is the tough part, right? 

So, let’s say you find someone to help. Please don’t feel defeated if you don’t get the answer you were hoping for. Knock on enough doors and someone will answer with open arms and have all the right answers. 

Here is a list of websites to do your own research and to find the help you need:



Beyond Blue


Black Dog Institute

Facts Sheet


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The picture on the right is the weekend I met Jade and her family and the picture on the left is in later years when I became a DWA instructor.

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